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I started Alpen with one thing in mind - women. I was so tired of feeling like a second thought among most outdoor brands. From pants to jackets and most everything in-between, women’s products always lacked what the men's had - durability, differentiation, and a high-quality fit. 


Our mission is, and always will be, to get women outdoors and in the right gear. Whatever your pursuit may be, Alpen will help you get there. Built to withstand the elements and thoughtfully designed to work with and not against you, we believe the trail begins where you do.


At Alpen, we’ve taken close to two years to diligently find a design that works for female bodies on a technical scale. From an initial idea to many designs and prototypes later, we’ve landed here - in front of you, ready and excited to share our work. One day, Alpen will help you reach the tops of peaks, allow you to comfortably hike for miles, and keep you dry while fishing any blue-ribbon stream. Alpen will be among your toughest days and your most rewarding. We vow to not only be women first but also planet first. Yes, our main priority is getting women outdoors but our community is and always will be the root of who we are. 


Alpen started because there wasn’t anything like her and I am so excited to bring her to life through all of you. 


Let’s get out there, where we belong. 


Merrit Geary, Founder


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